About Shelby


Shelby has been an entrepreneur since she was a kid. She grew up in a house of business owners and knew that it would take hard work and a lot of patience to be successful. She started out with a bead bracelet business called "HeShe". Then, her experience with politics was started in the 6th grade while running for Class President. 

When she was in high school, she worked closely with a Realtor as her assistant. This lead to her first "real" career at age 18- She became a Realtor. This did not generate enough money at the beginning so she knew she had to put in the hustle and hard work. She soon obtained her Zumba Certification to make up for the lost money in Real Estate. After teaching 10 classes each week for 2 years, the work ethic was stuck in her brain. There was no going around it now. 

Soon after the Realtors license and Zumba certification, Shelby started a Window Tint Shop with a business partner. This was her partner's dream business. She had the background in business and he had the skill. What could go wrong!? Well, A LOT. It was a very trying 4 years through the lowest valleys to the tops of the mountains. After much consideration, it was time to part ways. 

In 2016, Shelby started her own marketing

agency/sign shop- Shelby & Company, INC. She

has used this platform to help hundreds of

businesses grow organically through social media

and increase their SEO through blogging and

targeted marketing. She specializes in small

businesses to make sure they are on track for the

growth they are about to experience. 

Shelby volunteers through many board positions,

mentor groups, and Rotary. She has taken

international trips with Rotary International and

has made a positive platform for school

classrooms. Shelby loves to be invited to speak

positivity in any school, club, or business. 

Do you need a boost in your teams charisma?

Does your students need a reboot through the

school year? Are you trying to fill a speaking position

at your club? Shelby is the one to call!