Boss Babe Podcast Episode: Goal Setting

What did your 2019 look like? Was it tough? Was it wonderful? Did you make all your goals?

My 2019 was a year of growth. This word was chosen because I needed to take my business to the next level. I had zero idea of how I was going to do it. So, I made a list of goals. Some personal, some business. I knocked out 80% of my goals. I exceeded my sales goal by 200%.

It was not an easy year for me. Every time I had a difficult season, I looked at my goals to keep me in check. I did fail at one thing, making a plan to achieve those goals.

Growing up, my mom always made us put goals on our wall. I had no idea how to actually achieve them, but I did what she said. I remember having things like “meet a handsome boy and fall in love” or “record a song in a studio”. Those things always seemed impossible for a 14 year old girl. I never fell in love or recorded a song in a studio, but it instilled a goal setting pattern in my life.

2020 is my first year to make an action plan to reach my goals. I am super stoked because 2019 was great, but 2020 will be better.

My word this year is STRETCH. Just like the rings on a tree trunk, they stretch and never go back. So this year, I will continue to grow and stretch and not look back.

What are your goals this year? Take 15 minutes after this podcast and write them down. Then go back and make an action plan to achieve those goals.

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