Boss Babe Podcast Episode: Haters are not an excuse

Being a young leader and business owner, I have run into my fair share of haters. They started when I skipped college to start a business and have never stopped. Each phase of my life has brought an interesting phase of haters. Just recently, it has been people that I use to look up to and go for advice. When I was going through my divorce, it was people who thought i was never going to be successful after ending a marriage so young in life.

I use to allow haters to really get to me. They would get into my head...all the rumors and negativity about my life choices. It is easy to be consumed by such thoughts when all you need is encouragement. Satan really likes to use these haters to break you down even farther.

I hate the saying “haters are my motivators” what is this proving!? Nothing. It is actually accepting what the haters are saying and allowing them to still influence your decisions. Haters should be so far away from your motivation as possible. They are just road blocks keeping you far from your goals.

So how should we deal with our haters? We love them where they are. Just like an enemy or a competitor. Let them talk, let them act. THey will eventually reap the harsh harvest of the negative seed they are sowing.

“Reap what you sow” “karma is a bitch” “what goes around, comes around” are all true sayings. It is not our place to put our haters in their place. They are making their own bed and will soon be drowning in it...because of them.

So, the next time you have a situation with a hater, smile and say thank you. Keep your composure, keep your peace, and keeping going for your dreams. You got this.

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