Boss Babe Podcast Episode:Screenshot is your worst enemy

I am talking about a pretty sensitive subject today...screenshots. When screenshots first came out, I remember how freakin excited I was. It was super easy to share what I was looking at directly with someone else.

Do you remember what happened next? SnapChat starting telling the other people when you took a screenshot of the chat or photo. I am not sure how much this prevented people doing that. I know that it is always paranoid me and I became so cautious about what I sent.

So what does screenshot have to do with business or personal brand? It plays a huge factor in the game of commenting, reviews, and posts. People have become screenshot happy. This how viral posts become viral even after it has been taken off the original profile. Again, iphone is a step ahead and has an entire album set aside for our screenshots.

What I want to encourage each of you and challenge you is to watch and think about what you post, comment, or review before you press send. Once it is out on the internet, it is there forever. Facebook and time hop like to remind us how stupid and immature we were the year and years before as well with their memories.

If you are a business owner, sales person, or someone with influencer, please please plan out your posts and do not do it out of emotion. I know too many people in very influencing positions in the community that have not done this and ended up fired, written up, or lost business.

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