Boss Babe Podcast Episode: Toxic Relationships

We were all taught as children that drink bleach is well, TOXIC. It will damage our organs and put us in the hospital. This is just one example of things that could hurt our physical being.

What about our emotional being? How were we taught as kids to deal with the things that hurt our feelings or made us sad? My parents always told me to take the high road. It will just blow over. Or, they did not mean that, you are just taking it personally.

It was hard for me to show the negative emotions when I knew they would constantly take the other person’s side. It was not a healthy way to learn how to deal with toxic relationships.

As an adult, toxic relationships have been with several different types of people. Friend, husband, boyfriend, family member, and myself. I can rightfully acknowledge that I was that toxic person in the relationship at one point.

I tried simple things like not texting them back or slandering their name, but that never made the situation better. Just worse. So, it hit me one day. I needed to pray about the situation and allow God to make the relationship what it needs to be. Most people did not understand why I went under radar or stopped going into their business, and it was not my place to explain myself.

I want to make clear that when you end a toxic relationship, you do not owe anyone an explanation. It is your choice to make your life better, forgive the person, and move on. That is the only way you will be able to grow in your own journey.

Forgiveness is key. It was hard for me because most of mine were people very very close to me. But, once I did, my conscience was clear and my journey to success and growth sped up quite a bit.

If you think you have someone in your life that is toxic, pray about it, forgive them, and move on to what is better for your journey.

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