Boss Babe Podcast Episode: Your personal page reflects your business

We are entering yet another political season with Presidents and local election seasons. We all have those people who post their opinions on their social media pages and just stir up the drama pot with their friends.

I use the example of election season just because there has been a lot going on with our president this past year. This can be set for any opinions you may have and post on social media.

Employers look on social media sites before even making the appointment for an interview. What will they see on your account?

This goes for clients as well. If we are trying to expand our client base and they look on our personal pages, what will they see? Positivity? Negativity? People stirring drama?

A lot of my cleints hate when I talk to them about their personal pages. But, when you run a business, you have to be extra careful about what you post. I learned this lesson the hard way. I was 22 and had a non-profit as a client. It was New Year’s Day and I had posted all of the jello shots and party pics from the night before. My client sent me an email with a social media policy that they make their clients abide by...and they expected their contractors to as well.

I was SO EMBARRASSED. I could have easily been offended and told them to screw off because it was my personal page and I had my own business. But, that in fact is why I was embarrassed. How many other clients saw that!?

So, from then on, I made sure that everything on my page reflected what my business represents. I encourage you to do the same thing. Run it through a filter before pushing publish.

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