Boss Babe Podcast: Utilizing Referral Groups

Today, I want to change the tone a little on the podcast. Let’s talk shop. As you may or may not know, I own a full service marketing agency and sign shop with two different locations. We service the entire state of Arkansas. Our shops are located in Central Arkansas.

Many people have asked how I have grown so fast in the last 4 years and how I maintain the referrals. My first piece of advice, join a referral group. You will build connections that will last a lifetime. There a ton of groups you can join. The local chambers have them, BNI is internationally known, and others that you can find just by asking around.

I always recommend joining one that cost money. That is because you will utilize it much better with your investment. BNI completely changed my business in 2019. My sales doubled each month, and I could barely keep up! I also repaid those by giving referrals and helping others grow their business.

That is the key- when you help other people grow their business, you will receive the benefit by them sending you referrals.

I do all types of marketing for clients...but you know what type of marketing will always remain on top? Word of mouth. Your reputation has to be great for your business to succeed. We all run into those clients that will never be happy, but it is how we handle the situation in the public’s eye that will keep our business afloat and not tank with bad reviews.

So, go out and join a referral group this week. Ask around in your community about which one is the best for people you know. If you have no idea where to start, look up BNI online and visit a local chapter. It could be the day your business never looks back!

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