Coffee Shop Blog 1/22/19

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

It is a chill mid- afternoon which means a long drive thru line and multiple people hanging out in the warmth of the Starbucks in Conway. I am up here for business today and obviously wanted a meeting at a coffee shop. Starbucks may be commercialized, but each has its unique feel and atmosphere.

They are playing the typical coffee shop music that know one really recognizes and the smell is AH-MAZING. I was good and followed my new diet by only getting water. Wait, who am I kidding. I had a coffee earlier with a friend. So I guess I am limiting it to one a day now.

Apparently the Starbucks water makes you smarter and work harder- it was $2.85 🙄 I get it for free from my refrigerator at home.

It is a quiet afternoon. One lady tucked away in the corner (the spot I was wanting) working on school work, I think. There are also two ladies that look my Nana’s age just laughing and gossiping away. They probably had a snide remark about my flat bill and how inappropriate it is for a woman to wear a hat. We also have a young couple with laptops and taking selfies together. How cute. I wish my husband did that more often- hint hint. Oh wait, he does not read these 🤣🤣

We also have a very educated Realtor in the corner by the window. She is trying her best to sell this home to a buyer. She has every detail memorized and spouting it off over the Phone. It is a cute house with 3 beds and 2 baths that is perfect for a young couple and spot on in their price range. She was so good at selling, I think she sold me on it. I may be moving to Conway guys. Kidding. I only almost did that one time when I was 18.

While I am patiently waiting on my new client, I am amused by the amount of people that walk in instead of the drive thru. Do they not realize it is like -30 degrees outside?! I choose the 89 degree car over walking in!

Every coffee shop I go to- I am most entertained by the old men. They walk around anxiously waiting for their coffee and looking completely out of place. We have had 2 of these men in the last 20 minutes. I think it is cute but they probably think everyone is crazy for burying their nose in their device and not actually talking.

This pretty much sums up my visit before my client gets here. I am going to catch up on some work now.



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