Coffee Shop Blog 1/3/19

When I first arrived it was a quiet morning at the coffee shop. My mocha was just what I needed to get my Thursday started. Have you ever added honey to your strawberries and yogurt?! should. It was a heavenly surprise as I snacked on my breakfast of choice. As I was finishing my marketing strategies for my clients, the shop picked up with people. You could tell the regulars from the people who just needed that morning jolt on the way to work. My favorite part about local coffee shops is the locals- duh. It is the people who come in on a daily basis and order the same thing. It is like the donut shop for our grandads- we just prefer wifi and an electrical outlet for our technology.

The morning went by and many people ordered to go- so no fun stories there. There was a guy in the corner that came in, ordered, ate his breakfast and coffee while working, and got up to start his day! I am sort of an anti-social when I am in my element but I accidentally made eye contact with a woman who was sitting caddy corner to me...obviously waiting on someone to show up. Of course I smiled- then her friend showed up. They moved seats 3 times- Lordy. My parents use to do that to us in restaurants.

I really liked to see the group of 20 somethings studying their Bibles in the corner directly across from me. They all ordered coffee and got to studying. That is a great way to start the day especially with friends.

My favorite customer of the day was an older gentleman. He was about 65 years old and carried a big bag in with him. A smile never left his face. This was the perfect combination of the grandad in the donut shop and millennial in the coffee shop. He obviously knows how to adapt. I highly recommend anyone who is afraid to adapt- to accept the change and go with it.

There are many people up front that I cannot see but love to listen to their conversations. Laughter and joy fills the air as they catch up, hold business meetings, and enjoy friends' company. This has been a great morning at the coffee shop. I look forward to many more mornings like this one.

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