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Combating Burnout

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We all experience it: burnout. It’s so easy to let work or life carry us away without realizing how much it might be affecting us. Here are Shelby’s tips and tricks to getting over burnout and coming out on top in the long run.

Work burnout

Shelby, who has built a six-figure business all on her own, has found herself looking at other jobs online from time to time. The allure of just being able to go to work and come home and not have the level of responsibility that she has right now is so hard not to think about.

Some people experience work burnout in a way where they dread going to work everyday. Maybe you don’t enjoy your co-workers, or you don’t care for your boss, either way it is hard to stay away from burnout when factors like these are in play.

Sometimes it’s too easy for your goals to run your life. You work long hours to get the work done and you really push yourself to expand your impact, but at what cost?

Here’s how Shelby combats work burnout:

Time management plays a huge role. Making sure you’re not spending too much time working is key. Because at some point, you’ve worked so much in a day that your brain is fried, and you may not be doing quality work at that point.

Make time for yourself on the weekends. There’s a reason why traditionally weekends are days off. This is your sign! Take this time to relax and do things other than work. Shelby likes to go on weekend trips and makes a point of leaving her laptop at home. A lot of making time for yourself is going to depend on discipline and learning what you need to do for yourself to feel renewed for the upcoming week.

Volunteer Burnout

When Shelby started her business, she thought that volunteering and getting herself out there would be one of the main ways she could generate business. She would get involved in projects outside of work and her personal life, hoping that it would send more business her way. Shelby did everything: from being on boards to committees, to anything in between. She was spending 40 hours a week volunteering.

How Shelby combats volunteer burnout is she chooses her projects wisely. Realize what your time is worth! Don’t be so quick to give your time away for free. Make sure that the time you are spending on volunteering has a good return of investment. Make sure that whatever you are volunteering for lines up with your personal values, vs. something that will just look good for your portfolio or social media.

Parenting Burnout

It hurts to realize it, but parenting burnout is a thing. Everyone wants to be a super parent, but it can be really taxing. As much as you want to be there for your child while also juggling a million things, it is a hard balance. It’s hard to allow yourself some time away when you love your kids so much. But it’s valuable to realize that not everyone was called to be a full-time parent. It’s ok to want to have a career, to be success driven.

Allow yourself to let other people watch your kid. There are people out there that were called to be childcare workers or teachers. Allow others to help you care for your child. Having that time away makes the time you have with your kid that much more valuable, and that’s a good thing.

Social Media Burnout

Everyone experiences social media burnout. This is a main component of Shelby & Company, and yet it gets tiring. It’s easy for it to get overstimulating or to start comparing yourself to others because of it. Shelby tries to put inspirational content out for others, especially because so much of social media isn’t inspirational.

How do you combat this type of burnout? Turn off your notifications, take intentional breaks from endless scrolling, make time to do activities that don’t involve being on your phone. Un-download social media apps for a day and let yourself enjoy your day without thinking about what everyone else is doing or feeling like you have to post every moment of your life. It has to be a conscious effort, and it’s not likely to be easy. But you can do this!

Burnout is hard, and it’s even harder to get over at times. But hopefully these tips have helped you find new ways to rejuvenate your life when it gets tiring. Just remember, everything is a season, and nothing is hard forever.

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