The history of the Hashtag (#) is a fun one to dive into. We will not go very deep into the past, but it was not long ago that the Pound Sign became the Hashtag (#). Raise your hand if you still say “pound sign” in your head when you are punching in a gate code (slowly raises hand). THAT IS OKAY! You are still relevant...we promise.

The Hashtag(#) was first used on Twitter. It was to find posts quickly about a certain topic. Shows like American Idol would have people use them during their broadcasts. Shows still use that method of engagement with followers. Where are my #BachelorNation folks at?! You guys know how to get it ON on the social media sites when they are broadcasting….haters everywhere!

Then, came along Instagram. Hashtags on Instagram are fantastic to use when wanting to gain followers. You can also use them to engage with other profiles that have the same type of posts that you do. That is the best way to utilize them on Instagram.

Then, we had Facebook. The turtle always wins the race. People hate on using Hashtags (#) on Facebook. We think it is quite relevant. When people search specific topics, people, or industries...your hashtags will come in handy.

Do you Hashtags (#) help with SEO? YES. These fun little sentences with no spaces will help increase your SEO. Google will pick them up when people type in those keywords.

Practice your hashtag today...what is your most clever one?! Need to set up a free call to discuss your Hashtags? Email us: admin@shelbyandcompanyinc.com


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