Mastering Networking Groups

Joining a networking group will increase your sales and reach for your business. I have personally joined several networking groups in the past 10 years that have boosted my business sales.

Why join a networking group?

  • You can only talk to so many people in a 24 hour period. When you join a networking group, you have 20 people giving you leads to their circle of customers.

  • Increase your brand visibility. Every week, you have the opportunity to network with people who are helping you grow their business. Tell them more about you every week to help increase the referrals.

  • Good practice for sales pitch. You will have the opportunity to give an elevator pitch about what type of referrals you would like to see that week from the group.

  • Make friends- if you get plugged into the right group, you will become friends with the members. This will really increase referrals because you all get to know each other very well.

Keep in mind that the energy you put into the group will be the same energy you receive from the group. Have an open mind and remember to keep those members in your head when connecting with clients. You must give to receive. Do not pout when you have not made your ROI from the group when your referral count is low.

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