New Year, Better Marketing

I have seen hundreds of posts that say “New Year, New Me” “New Year, New You” “New Year, Same Me”....I am sure you have too.

So, I decided to be like everyone else and create a cute phrase That connects the new year and marketing your business.

Cute- I know.

In 2018, I helped over 75 companies create, manage, and follow through with their marketing strategies. For some industries, it was an up and down year. For others, it never stopped booming. My favorite time of year is the first quarter. It really puts i to perspective what your entire year will look like. As I have been going over marketing strategies with my clients this week, we looked back at our progress in 2018. And WOAH they are all amazing.

My favorite part of my job is seeing the smile on the clients’ faces when I tell them how awesome we have done. Even better- how great the year will be this year.

If you are starting a business, own a business, or just curious about creating marketing strategies, give me a call. I am very affordable and is worth your time to learn something

new and freshin up your skills!

talk soon,


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