Nobody Likes Cold Calls

Your phone rings and it is a cold call from a marketing agency in a state with a different time zone. What do you do? Hang up. You suddenly get frustrated because those ten seconds on the phone took you away from your business.

I know it has happened to you- over and over and over again. When I first became a business owner in 2012, I had these same phone calls. I was broke, no sense of business, wanted to make money and had to figure it all out on my own. The business was a window tint shop and seemed to be a magnet for marketing agencies. I stopped answering the calls that just looked fishy. I knew that I would never do business with those companies because they kept harassing me.

Then we got a brick and mortar shop. Can you figure out what happened next? That is right- the sales people came TO our shop with no appointment. Let me set the scene. 2PM on a Friday afternoon, 10 cars had gone through already and 6 more left for the day. A sales guy from KATV walks in and acts like he was going to make an appointment, when in fact, he talked me into doing a tv commercial and spending money on advertising. Was this smart on his part? Heck yes. I was busy. I had zero time to think. I answered yes to get him away. I was locked in to the bait.

These are just a few stories from my personal experience with marketing agencies. Once I sold out of that business, I knew marketing was my next career. I was too good at building businesses from the ground up to not help other small businesses. I knew I would NEVER cold call or walk into a business to ask for a contract.

So how have I made it to 3 years? It is simple. It goes back to the most old fashioned way of marketing- referrals and word of mouth. I plugged myself into my community, volunteered with different groups, met great contacts, and developed long term relationships. You must build TRUST with your network. They have to know that you will do what you say you will do and how you do it. I have helped many struggling businesses find their voice through branding and online marketing.

I hope that one day I can help your business too! You may not need guidance- you just need it taken from your plate. I can help you!!

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