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SEO Scammers

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) managers are scammers. This may be a humorous thing to hear from a marketing agency that offers SEO. The defining factor is cost. You shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for this type of service.

So what is Search engine optimization? SEO is optimization of your content all over the web so that way your business is showing up in searches. This is done through keywords. Keywords should be present in all your content, not just on graphics. Hashtags can also be used to bring your business up in searches on social media. The goal here is for those keywords and hashtags to help your website and socials be more visible in searches.

This type of optimization is perfect for the business that doesn’t have the budget for ads, because it is done primarily through organic content strategies and should be far less costly than running ads on Google.

I bet you’re going, “wow! This makes a lot of sense and could be great for my business!” And it is! This is a service that Shelby & Company offers, but we can also help you learn how to do it yourself. This is great for smaller businesses that would really benefit from a boost online but doesn’t have a ton of cash going towards marketing expenses.

So if you get a call from someone saying they can do your SEO for you and they charge a few hundred dollars, it’s likely a scam. Because SEO shouldn’t cost that much and chances are they're not doing that much work. You can do this yourself and if you do decide to contract it out, make sure it’s for a reasonable price.

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