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Time Management

Updated: Mar 13

Listen to the full podcast episode here:

Time management is important for everyone. We all have priorities and tasks that need to be accomplished. Whether you’re in business, a parent, or just anyone trying to make sure your day is productive, these are some tips for you.

Shelby’s tips for time management:

Use time blocking

Plan out everything! Decide how much time you want to spend on a task and write it down. Having a calendar or planner is super helpful for this. Shelby uses Google Calendar to make sure she fits everything in for her day.

Plan out even the little things

Even having things like gym time on your calendar can help you properly plan your day. Add when you plan to have lunch, add small breaks for yourself. Anything you can put down in your time blocking is going to help you stay on track. Also, this can help if you are prone to forgetfulness or are likely to let a task take up your whole day.

Turn off notifications

This is a productivity pro tip: turn off notifications for unnecessary apps when you’re trying to get work done. Better yet, keep them off always. This will help you not get distracted throughout your day and especially when you’re getting tasks done.

Try it out! On a day that you have so much to get done, try writing down the time you want to devote to each task and stick to that schedule for your day. You might be surprised how much more you get done this way.

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