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Timing Your Brand Based on Your Influence

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

The timing of things based on your influence. This is a unique alteration that Shelby made when relaunching her podcast. The podcast first started in 2019. Shelby recorded episodes in her own studio and put them out for listeners. But the podcast didn’t get as much traction as she wanted. But Shelby realizes that in 2019 she didn’t hold a lot of influence in the online world separate from her business. She had focused on brand marketing rather than personal marketing. But now, realizing that personal branding may be an asset, Shelby has focused on it since 2020.

Now in 2023, Shelby has garnered a bigger online following personally, and she has seen the benefits and rewards of that. Now as the podcast has been relaunched, Shelby has seen tremendous growth and the downloads are off the charts.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to try to become an online influencer overnight, but is it important to have an organic content plan for your social media. This will naturally increase your influence and help you garner a following that is truly invested in you.

It’s time to think, are you putting in enough time and effort into your personal grand to be able to capture your audience and gain influence? The best way to do this is to be consistent. Now, this doesn’t mean posting every second of every day, but it does mean posting more than once a week. This is something that Shelby has really worked on, and it has truly paid off for her.

Shelby stresses the importance of bringing authenticity to your socials. Yes, you do want to highlight the things that are going amazing, but also it’s okay to let your followers know that life isn’t always perfect. This in turn will show your authenticity and make your followers feel like they aren’t getting one side of a story. It makes it real and relatable.

Shelby likes to use her influence to help motivate others. This is one of the many things that people adore about her. Social media is a great platform to be able to do this, and Shelby wastes no opportunity. If you have something inspirational, post it! We guarantee that it will not go unappreciated. Ultimately, you want what you post to be intentional and a true reflection of you.

Don’t feel that because you haven’t done this type of work that it means you can’t start new ventures. This is absolutely not true! Instead, use it as a motivation to start this process and to keep at it. No one knows how to do something perfectly overnight. This is an ever-ongoing process, one that takes time and effort, but if you work at it, you won’t be disappointed.

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