To the girl at WalMart.....

If you have ever been greeted by me, it is a smile (showing teeth) and a question about your day. This goes for everyone that I encounter...including the girl who was the checker at Wal Mart tonight.

Now, I will say, I was not feeling super great and spunky today due to an awesome cold that has developed over the last few days. I may slightly resemble a man when I am talking...but that is beside the point. I had to run to the store after my doctor appointment because of course we forgot 5 things during our trip last night.

Back to the point of this blog post- customer service. The lines were pretty busy but of course I searched for the shortest line. I absolutely refuse to do self check. That machine takes more time than standing in an actual line. BOOM> lan 6 was lit up with just one customer. The checker and customer were chating about an event that was happening in L.R I do not listen to people much when I am in my own zone so I have no idea what event. When I stepped up to the register, she was checking my things. I did my normal greeting with teeth showing and asking how her day has been- despite how crappy I felt. And you will never believe what happened...she completely ignored me. She turned her head as she was scanning my items.

What would you have done?

Would you have said it again to make sure she heard you? Would you have been rude back when she gave you the total or handed the receipt?

I was more curious than anything. What did I do? How was my demeanor coming off to her to make her treat me like that? Was she just a rude person? Was she potentially threatened? Did she feel insignificant? Is it because we have race differences? I tend to get very self conscience in these situations. I use every moment to grow as a person. I want to know how I can change and grow myself to better those around me and uplift them.

The only words she managed to speak were "Your total is $61.45." I swiped my card, gathered my items, and she folded the receipt into 4 squares and turned her head the opposite way when handing it to me. I was floored- in fact, I still am. I was not offended; because, I knew I did nothing wrong. I wanted to write about this to open up your eyes on a few things.

1. Customer services is EVERYTHING. I do not care if it is at a grocery store, multi-million dollar company, or a small business. You must be nice. Change your attitude, suck it up, and be a kind person.

2. Women are very harsh to one another. We tear each other a part. We compare our lives, our stories, and our outfits. We must step up as a community and stop this mess. We must show love and support for others. I challenge every woman reading this to do so in your life every day.

3. Lastly, never get offended because of someone else's actions. Your reaction is more important than their action. I showed her love and generosity by asking how her day has been and giving her a big smile. Some people do not know how to receive gratitude and love. They have never been taught that. But, God can use the little things to make a big impact.

I know that someone else has been through this encounter as well. Drop a comment below to share your responses to this type of situation!

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