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What needs to be on your business card?

Business cards are an integral part of networking. If you’ve ever attended a leads group, you’ll notice there’s a lot of business cards being passed around and accepted. These are Shelby & Company, INC.’s tips for a great business card.

Your business card should include:

Your Name

If you forget everything else on your card, don’t forget this. Be sure to add your first and last names, but forgo middle names unless you go by both your first and middle name. This should be in a bigger font than the other information of your business card.

Your Business or Line of Work

Put where you work and the position you hold. Chances are, when someone reaches for your business card, they want to procure your services. Adding your position and a few services you offer can help them understand what you can do for them. You can also include a logo with this. Logos communicate status and reputation and can help you look good as well.

All Relevant Contact Info

This should include your work phone number, email, and work address. Some people have multiple locations for a business, if you do, add the one where your primary office is held. If you don’t have an office or primary location, don’t add an address. If you have a fax number for work and it is relevant to your line of work, include that.

A Picture of You

Putting a headshot of you on your business card can help people remember who you are. If you’ve ever done an audition for modeling, acting, etc. companies will always ask for a headshot. What they want here is to have a tool to help them remember you. This picture should show you in a professional manner.

Final tips

Your business card should communicate professionalism and experience. It shouldn’t be overly busy or loud, but eye-catching enough that you stick out amongst the piles of business cards people collect.

If you’re ever in doubt on what to include or how to make a business card, Shelby & Company, INC is here to help! We do all sorts of print materials, including business cards.

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