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Workshops at Shelby & Company, INC.

Workshops are one of the many awesome services that Shelby & Company, INC. offers. Workshops are great for any business that wants to do in-house marketing but needs some direction and tips to get started.

Right now, Shelby & Company, INC is offering a Spring Marketing Series! This is a wonderful way to reinvigorate your marketing. This is one of the best workshops we have offered yet! If

you or someone you know is needing a little help getting on their feet with marketing for their business, this is the workshop for you. Visit our website for more information.

The spring marketing series isn’t the only workshop around. In fact, if you would like to offer any of our workshops to your team, we are always ready and willing to schedule a time to do that! Shelby has gone to realty companies in the past and taught agents how to market themselves and in-turn gain name recognition and get more listings. She can also do this for any other type of business.

Here are some of the trainings we offer:

Creating Effective Content

Business Meta Suite Tutorial

Canva for Business Content

Search Engine Optimization + Google Business

Branding Your Business

Social Media Platform Breakdown

Combining Old School + New School Techniques

Content Creation

Not only are workshops incredibly educational and useful, they are also very reasonably priced for the level of expertise that Shelby brings to the table. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Shelby:

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