Your Business Card needs these 3 Elements

Before the 2020 pandemic, it was known to all business owners, sales reps, and networkers that you would pass out hundreds of business cards each month. Pass them out at the events, gas stations, random people in the store...OH and those fun events we used to have called vendor shows.

Now that life is returning to normal, it is time to upgrade your business card. Now, we cannot do hands-free business cards (LOL). We can create an epic business card that will make your potential client WANT to take it and keep it. Business cards will never go out of style. They are essential to each business owner, sales reps, and networkers. They do have virtual business card apps that will be a great substitution for those that do not want a physical card. But, you will always have that 1 person who wants a card in hand to hold on to.

So, here are the top 3 must-haves for your business card:

  1. Professional Headshot This is a sore subject to some people when we talk about business cards. We personally recommend that you place an image on your business card. They may not remember your name, but they will remember your face. It costs less than $100 and 30 minutes of your time to have professional headshots made for your business card. They can then be utilized for your email signature, social media sites, and website!

  2. Bold Logo There is nothing worse than looking at a business card with a lot of words in the same font. The name is the same size as the address that is the same size as the email, etc. We want to use a bold logo that stands out to your client. What are you selling? Who are you with? What can they use your services for?

  3. Email Address You may think this is a silly “must-have” for a business card, but you would be surprised how many cards we look at that have zero email addresses on it. This is dangerous territory. People LOVE emailing these days. They will shoot an email to you faster than calling your business phone. Also, make sure this is a professional email address. We do not want to see

We hope these tips can help you take your business cards to the next level. Shelby & Company, INC designs and produces business cards for hundreds of businesses. We would love the opportunity to help you stand out from the competition. Email us today:

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