Your Perfect Client

Are you tired of saying YES to everyone that wants your service?! We get it. That is why we have created a roadmap to the perfect client for our business. We make sure that every person who inquires to hire us checks all the boxes before we say YES.

We know what you are thinking....what about the money? Is it not disrepectful? Will it give us a bad reputation?

1- If you need the money, say yes to everyone and work towards the ability to say NO. It will be the most freeing feeling you have ever felt as an entrepreneur. You are in charge of your time.

2- It is certainly not disrepectful to say no to a potential client. Your happiness will increase and your stress level will decrease. Why? Because you are working with someone you WANT to work with.

3- It will definitely not give you a bad reputation. In fact, just the opposite. People will want your services MORE!

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