Your Personal Brand Directly Impacts Your Business

This blog was written by our CEO, Shelby Joiner. ENJOY!

This topic is close to home for me. Hello, my name is in my business name. I did that on purpose. I wanted people to know ME and expect me to help them with their marketing problems. But, I wanted to get across that I also have a team of people who help me be the best of the best.

I believe that everyone has a personal brand. Business owners, teenagers, sales reps, CEOs, janitors, etc. Your personal brand is a direct reflection of what is inside of you- who you are. I constantly am aware of how I talk, what I say, and especially what I post on social media. One wrong move and my brand could be shattered. My integrity is out the door for some people. Always be mindful of who will be looking at your comments and posts.

So, how does my personal brand tie to my business? Here are the top 3 ways that I keep in mind when strategizing my next moves.

  1. Social Media Posts I am sure your content for your business page is great- professional and selling something to your customer. But, what do they see on your personal profiles? Are you posting hateful things about our country? Do you keep it light and fluffy with quotes? Whatever you decide to post on your personal page WILL affect your business page. People will find you and hurt your reputation- even without paying for your service. Be mindful of every single word and photo you post.

  2. Public Appearance As a new mom, I have had to really work on this one. It is not easy to look my best, have my hair done, and makeup on every time I go out in public. I am not asking you to look perfect...I am asking you to reflect who you are as a business owner. There is no doubt that you will run into someone that you know. Even on the casual days..keep it simple yet professional. Your personal appearance has a direct impact on your business. (I am preaching to the choir over here and yelling HALLELUJAH).

  3. Communication Ooophhh. This one may sting a little bit. Communication has been something I continuously work on each day. I want to be the best communicator that I can be- to myself, my child, my husband, my employees and my clients. I do not want anyone to misunderstand me...and it is my fault. How you choose to communicate is a direct reflection of your personal brand and business. Do you shout cuss words at the car that pulled out in front of you? YIKES- not a good move, especially if you have a business decal on your car. Be mindful of how you communicate with each person in your life. People will begin to respect you for your efforts.

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