Your Website needs these 3 Elements

Websites can be complicated.

Is it optimized for Google? Have I put enough content on each page? Will people stay on the site long enough to use my services?

Shelby & Company, INC makes designing websites simple and easy for the client. We will guide our client through the process of creating the website from scratch. The content is on point for optimal SEO, user engagement, and relativity. We want to share the top 3 elements that your website should have on matter who develops it!

  1. Newsletter Sign-Up This element gets looked over too often. It is a great way to snag the email addresses of your potential customers. You can use them to add to email campaigns that create a brand in their email boxes that they will never forget. Oh, and it is FREE!

  2. Clear Content Boxes Long paragraphs are for the birds. They are great for About Us pages...but not your home page. People read quickly- you have 15 seconds to gain their attention and to keep clicking. Make your content boxes on your home page clear and defined. Tell the customer who you are, what you do, and how you solve their problem quickly and clearly.

  3. Photos. Photos. Photos. People want to see WHO you are and WHAT you do. Add your professional headshot, finished job photos, and employees! People care about who they are going to hire and want to know they can trust them.

Websites are a little more complicated than just 3 elements. If you need a little assistance or need a brand new site, hire Shelby & Company INC to save the day! Email us today for a free consultation:

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